How do I sync grades from Schoology to PowerTeacher Pro?

The steps below outline how teachers are to set up the PowerSchool app in Schoology to ensure syncing is successful between Schoology and PowerTeacher Pro.

Initial Setup

  1. Navigate to one of your sections in Schoology.
  2. Click the PowerSchool App on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on the “Configuration” tab.
  4. On the Configuration page, check the box to “Automatically shorten assignment titles”.
  5. Next, you will need to match your categories from PowerSchool with the appropriate Schoology category.
    • Click the drop down menu under the “School Course Categories” list. Choose the option that matches the category in the “PowerSchool Categories” list. This will map your Schoology grading categories to one or more PowerSchool grading categories. Depending on the grading categories in the course, teachers can map more than one Schoology grading category to a single PowerSchool grading category.
    • Do this for each category you would like to sync.
  6. Click “Save Changes”.

If your sections are linked in Schoology, you need to configure the PowerSchool app for each of the sections. 

To do this, open the PowerSchool app from the left menu in your course. Once you have configured the first section, click Save Changes, and then click on the Section dropdown menu to toggle to a different section to continue the configuration for that section. You’ll need to do this for each linked section. Click Save Changes after you configure each section.

Bulk Edit Setting

In the Bulk Edit mode of your Schoology gradebook, follow these requirements to ensure all of your assignments sync to PowerSchool successfully.

  • Name: All item names must be less than 50 characters. (You can also use the option to automatically shorten assignment titles in the configuration settings. See steps above.)
  • Category: Every item must be aligned to a Category.
  • Due Date: Every item must have a Due Date.
  • Grading Period: Every item must have a Grading Period selected.
  • Sync to SIS: Select all the items you want to sync to PowerTeacher Pro by checking the Sync to SIS option.

Syncing Grades

When you are ready to sync grades to PowerTeacher Pro, simply navigate to the gradebook and click the “sync” icon. The "sync" icon is two arrows forming a circle.

The following information is sent to PowerSchool:

  • The name of the graded item.
  • The maximum number of points for the graded item.
  • The due date for the graded item.
  • The grading category mapped in the Configuration area of the app.
  • The raw score a student received on the graded item.
  • Whether the grade item has a status of Published or Unpublished.

Checking Sync Status

Once you sync your items, you may get some errors if any data is missing or if the app isn’t set up correctly.

You can view the status of graded items by clicking on the sync log icon, the little clipboard, in the gradebook or the Sync Status Log in the PowerSchool app, once the configuration settings are saved.

  • The Assignment column on the left displays the title of the graded item.
  • The Last Successful Sync column in the middle displays the date the item was most recently synced successfully.
  • The Status column displays the status of each item.
  • The Action column displays errors, if any occurred.

If there was an error in the sync, a red, "View Error" message will appear, as shown above. Hovering over the message displays the details of the error. Errors typically occur if a required field is missing or something is not set up correctly.

If your course has linked sections, you must use the "sync" icon in the Schoology Gradebook, not the "Sync All" button in the Sync Status Log window.

Additional Information on PowerTeacher Pro grade syncing can be found in the following Schoology support article:

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