How Do I Import Assignments Groups into Canvas?

1. Before You Can Sync Grades to the Power Teach Pro (PTP) Gradebook, You Must First Import Grading Categories From PTP.

Navigate to the Assignments page in your course. The assignments option could be dark blue or light grey. It does not matter which color it is.

2. Import Assignment Groups

1. Click on the ellipsis in the top right corner next to '+Assignment'.

2. Select 'Import Assignment Groups'.

3. Select 'Add'

4. Refresh Screen

Refresh your browser to see the new Assignment Groups appear at the bottom of your Assignments page.

This process may take 15-20 minutes to complete, but usually occurs within about 30 seconds. Continue to refresh your page periodically until the new assignment groups appear.

The icon highlighted in the image below indicates that this is a PTP-imported category.

5. Moving Assignments to the new PTP-Imported Grading Categories

If you need to move existing assignments to your NEW PTP-imported grading categories see How Do I Move Assignments to the New PTP-Imported Grading Categories?

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