Restricted Apps

There are some apps that NRCA feels does not keep with the philosophy and harmony of the school.  This list will be updated regularly. The premise for most of these apps is that photos or information is posted anonymously or it "self-destructs."  If students have these apps on their devices then they will be asked to remove them. Disciplinary action may result if the same app is asked to be removed multiple times.

  • Snapchat
  • Whisper
  • Secret 
  • Burn Note 
  • Omegle 
  • Kik Messenger 
  • Yik Yak 
  • Jah 
  • Shrtwv 
  • Bragger 
  • Guilt 
  • Blabber 
  • Peekr 
  • Chatous 
  • Cyber Dust 
  • SnapDare 
  • Telegram & Telegram HD 
  • Kim Kardashian:Hollywood 
  • Shush - Whisper Anonymous School confessions
  • Jott - Messenger

Updated 6/29/15


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