Bluetooth - How to connect the EV3 Robot to your PC Computer by wireless Bluetooth

This article is intended to help walk you through the connection of your EV3 robot to the your PC computer by using wireless Bluetooth technology.

The process on the Mac is very similar to the PC, just slightly different.

1. Rename your EV3 Robot

IF not done already, rename your EV3 robot to the name printed on it. i.e. EV04

Start the EV3 Lego Brick.

EV3 Robot > Settings > Brick Name > "Your Robot Name in Here i.e. EV04" > OK

2. Change the EV3 Brick Name

3. Switch Bluetooth on

EV3 > Settings > Bluetooth > Bluetooth (Check both)

4. Check: Visibility and Bluetooth (NOT iPhone/iPad/iPod)

Check both and click on OK (center button) to return to the main menu (NOT iPhone/iPad/iPod)

5. Next - Ensure Bluetooth is switched ON on the PC or Mac.

PC - Windows (Bottom Left) > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth > Bluetooth > ON

Your EV3 Robot name, i.e. EV04, should show up in the list of Bluetooth Devices

6. On the EV3, Switch Bluetooth on again by going to EV3 > Settings > Bluetooth > Choose Bluetooth

7. On the PC/Mac the EV3 Brick Name will say "Ready to pair", Choose "Pair"

8. On the PC press the Pair button

9. Confirm the PC or Mac computer Name and choose Yes (Check)

10. Take note of the PASSKEY / Passcode. In this case 1234

11. Enter the Passcode on your PC from the EV3

12. The Bluetooth device will then say "Paired"

13. NEXT, Connect your Lego Programming software with the EV3 Brick

14. Launch your Lego MINDSTORMS EV3 programming software

15. Lego Programming software > Top Left > Add Project

16. Bottom Right of software window > Choose the Lowest Tab > Available Bricks

17. Choose Available Bricks

18. Refresh the Wireless and USB settings

19. Choose your Robot and Bluetooth

20. Your EV3 is now connected to your PC by Bluetooth and ready to download programs wirelessly!


Next time you start your EV3 brick, you might need to re-establish the last part of this process to re-connect the brick and the programming software.

Problems and Errors

Starting up the EV3 Brick and trying to reconnect the Bluetooth, can result in this error message.

1. Try again the reconnection Bluetooth and the Refresh on the PC software

2. If no connection, Repeat the steps: Refresh and Check the Bluetooth box.

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