How do I migrate my files and folders from Google Drive to OneDrive?

Before beginning this process, make sure you are logged in to your One Drive Desktop Application. Check out the article How do I sign in to my One Drive Desktop Application? for instructions.

*Note: You cannot use the lab computers, the computers in the media center, or the computers in the workrooms to login to your One Drive Desktop Application. You can only log in to your One Drive Desktop App on the computer in your classroom or on a personal computer at home.

*As a reminder, One Drive does not accept file or folder names with any special characters. You will need to change the name of any file or folder that does not sync due to special characters.

1. Be sure to organize your unfiled documents into folders in Google Drive first

Notice there are no unfiled documents below the folders. Organizing all files in to folders will allow the migration process to be quicker and more efficient.

2. Download each folder

Right click on each individual folder and select "Download"

You will see a message appear that Google Drive is preparing your download.

3. Locate your folder in the Downloads section in File Explorer

4. Double click the zipped folder

Notice the folder no longer has the zipper. Make sure you do not drag the zipped folder in to One Drive. You will not be able to access the contents of that zipped folder in One Drive if it is still zipped.

5. Drag and drop the unzipped folder to One Drive in File Explorer

Notice the ISTE Standards folder is now under OneDrive with the green check mark. The green check mark lets you know that your folder has synced with the One Drive cloud.

6. Double check the new folder is now in your One Drive portal

Login to your Office 365 account by going to and choose the One Drive app. Your new folder(s) will show here when they are synced to the cloud. You may need to refresh your screen if you do not see the folder right away.

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